The Bar Committee

The bar committee plans the monthly Friday bar in the old common house, where you can get beer and drinks cheaply. The committee also plans other social events, such as Summer parties, Tour de Chambre, beerpong tournament, and other theme parties. These events are published on the Facebook page "NORK-baren".

Game Club

The game Club is a club which focuses on the weekly board game night at 19:00 in the old common house. The residents and friends play games and enjoy a social evening. You can either bring your own games, or play some of the games the kollegium has bought for the club. The club also plans board game weekends, which are announced on the NORK Facebook page.

The Book Club

The Book club meets once per month, to talk over the book of the month. The book is chosen among three books, which themselves are chosen by a member who is picked at the end of each meeting. So, if you enjoy reading, and want a break from the study books, come join us! You can find us on Facebook.

Other communities

If you are interested in starting your own community/club, you are of course very welcome to do so! You can even apply for funds from the Residents' Council if your community/club needs anything.