The dormitory has a range of different facilities, which residents have access to. To use any of these facilities, you must first book them in our booking system.
Since we of course all wish for our dormitory to look nice and function well, you are required to clean up after yourself once you're done using any of the dormitory's facilities.

The following list gives an overview over the dormitory's facilities and where to locate them. If you have any ideas or wishes for new facilities, please send them to the Residents' Council(bb@nork.dk).
  1. Common houses
  2. Laundry
  3. _
  4. Fitness room
  5. TV-room
  6. _
  7. _
  8. Parking
  9. Grouprooms

Common houses

There are two common houses at Nordjysk Kollegium:
  • The new common house (no. 176) with room for 48 people. It can be rented in even weeks.
  • The old common house (no. 276) with room for 35 people. It can be rented in odd weeks.
Furthermore, the commonhouses can be booked on week days under "BOOKING".
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In the old common house (no. 276) is the room for laundry. The room has both washing machines and dryers. Furthermore, a vented drying room for clothes with drying racks is available.

The total washing bill for each month is thereby collected along with the rent.

Fitness room

NORK has a fully equipped fitness room with a fair amount of space and air condition. The room can be booked under "BOOKING".
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The TV-room is set up with a projector, sorround and 12 comfortable cinema chairs. The kollegium has bought access to the large Stofa TV-package for free use.

Group room

NORK has two group rooms available with wireless internet, 50" TV (with HDMI or VGA connection) and a whiteboard. The group room is situated in the old common house (no. 276) and can be booked for up to 6 hours under "BOOKING". There is tables and chairs in the room for up to 6 people.


Nordjysk Kollegium has two different parking lots. The old lot (south) has 44 spots and the new lot (north) has 28 spots. Furthermore, there are parking options for motorbikes and scooters in the motorbike-garage. The parkingslots are handled by Q-park. It is important to note that the fire-roads are not to be used for parking, but only for off- and on-loading, and when moving.

Bike facilities

Nordjysk Kollegium offers a space for repairing bikes. This space can be found in the garage next to the old common house (no. 276), where the gardening tools are as well. Connected to this space is a table, a compressor and hooks to hang your bike from. Furthermore, you can borrow the special bike-repair-toolbox from the caretakers while they are here during the day (7:00 to 15:00).