Nordjysk Kollegium is an independent institution build in two stages and was completed in 1990 and 1997 respectively. Nordjysk Kollegium consists of 196 apartments situated both on the ground floor and on the first floor. All apartments have a private kitchen, bathroom, entrance and closet. Furthermore all apartments are set with a patio door and have either a small garden with terrace or a balcony. Small variations can occur such as the colour of the bathroom floor, doors, ect.

1 room aparments

1-room apartments are offered to single-applicants. The apartments have between 29 and 31 m2 gross area and a 24 m2 net area.
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1½ room apartments

1½-room apartments are preferably offered to single-applicants that are either pregnant or parents with children. Afterwards this type of apartment is offered to single-applicant without children. The apartments have a 38 to 40 m2 gross area depending on the apartment, and all apartments have a 32 m2 net area.
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2 room apartments

2-rooms apartments are offered to couples and single-applicants, but with a higher priority to couples with or without children. The apartments have a 50 to 55 m2 gross area and a 43 m2 net area.
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