There are two caretakers employed by the kollegium - Flemming and Rene. They are responsible for the daily maintenance, and if you have problems regarding your tenancy, you can contact them. The caretakers have their office in the old common house, where they can be found Monday-Thursday. kl. 07.00-15.00, Friday: kl. 07.00-12.00 If they are not in their office, you can reach them by e-mail at


DEAS are employed by the board of directors of NORK to, for example: Charge rent, pay bills, and manage the economy of NORK.
Phone: +45 70 30 20 20

The Residents Council

You can contact the residents council, a group of up to 11 voluenteers from the kollegium, if you want to know more about the daily life.
Contact us on