North Jutland's most beautiful dormroom

Welcome to Nordjysk Kollegium. Nordjysk Kollegium is an apartment college in two floors with 196 apartments distributed in 35 houses. There are 92 two room apartments, 52 one and a half room apartments and 52 single room apartments. All apartments contain a private kitchen and a private bathroom. The apartments are build over two rounds. The first section was finished in April 1990 and the second in April 1997. There are also two common houses publicly available to residents.

In the menus above you can find information about the apartments and the local area, i.a. what activities and associations are possible to participate in at NORK. It is also possible to read summaries of residents' council meetings, book rooms, find telephone numbers and email addresses of caretakers and other people and much more.


Nordjysk Kollegium is an independent institution build over two stages and were completed in 1990 og 1997 respectively. Nordjysk Kollegium consists of 196 apartments both situated in the ground floor and on the first floor. There are three types of apartments at Nordjysk Kollegium.


Nordjysk Kollegium has a number of facilities freely available to all residents.